Local Offer

The Local Offer, to be published by local authorities as part of the Children and Families Bill, will enable parents and young people to see what services are available to support special educational needs and how to access them.

Information for schools

Are you confident there is high quality teaching that supports children’s speech, language and communication in your school? Use our description of good, universal practice that should be in place in schools offering excellent support for speech, language and communication.

You can further enhance your local offer through the use of our targeted and specialist programmes that you can view on the right of this page.

Information for local authorities

Are the schools in your local area offering high quality teaching that supports childrens’ speech, language and communication?

Our specialist schools, for children with severe and complex speech, language and communication needs can form part of your local offer to meet the needs of children in your authority.

Information for parents

Are the local schools in your area offering high quality support for all children’s speech, language and communication, including those who are struggling?