KS2 Communication Kit


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Offering a saving of almost £45 (if items purchased individually) this value for money bundle gives teachers and teaching assistants a range of Key Stage 2(KS2) resources for improving communication skills; by supporting spoken language in the primary classroom.

Contents include:

Talking Strategies KS2
An activity pack including a Key Stage 2 Teacher Guide and Resources which explores 12 strategies for improving communication skills in the classroom within the different curriculum areas.  Available separately for £49.99.
Moving On! - Activity pack for Year 6 children (10 Children's Packs and Teacher Guide)
The transition from primary to secondary school is an important stage in a child's school development. Moving On! supports all children to feel safe and secure by understanding their new environment, the changes to routine and new teaching styles. The activity pack provides valuable information, top tips, and activities based on: getting to know the school, timetables, transport, friendships, concerns and key words and phrases. Available separately for £60.00
What's typical at Primary? (Pack of 25 Posters)
This A2 poster is designed to help teachers to understand children's speech and language development from 4-11 years. It can be used to support teachers to identify children who may have speech, language and communication needs. Available separately for £10.00
SLI Handbook
For children with identified speech, language and communication needs: An insightful book that provides valuable information about Specific Language Impairment (SLI) and can help parents to support a child with SLI.  This book enables parents to understand the complicated and confusing difficulty; by describing what SLI can look like in children of all ages and how it differs from other forms of speech, language and communication difficulties. It explains the processes that children with SLI may go through once they have the right diagnosis and outline the kind of schools available to them with examples of what good support looks like. Available separately for £9.99
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    Primary Years
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    Speech, language and communication needs
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