NEW: Welcome to the World of Jake and Tizzy Boxset


A wonderful gift of beautifully illustrated books in a box for parents, carers and childminders supporting pre-schoolers with language development.  This boxset includes 8 books which are also available to buy separately here.

Explore the world of Jake and Tizzy in a series of story books produced by I CAN, the children’s communication charity. The books are based on everyday familiar situations and routines so that young children can relate them to their own experiences. Jake & Tizzy books are a fun way to support language development at pre-school age, helping children to develop skills ready to start primary school.

Tizzy Glove Puppet Tiger also available to purchase here 

Here is a film showing a grandmother sharing one of the Jake and Tizzy books with her granddaughter.

For the latest news and updates on Jake & Tizzy's adventures, click here

Book 1 - Hello! Jake is 3 years old and lives with his Mum and sister, Aisha. Jake's best friend is a Tiger called Tizzy and he goes everywhere with Jake.
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Book 2 - The Ice Lolly.  Jake loves to go to Nursery.  There's always something exciting happening, but sometimes Jake needs to listen more carefully or he might miss out on the fun. 
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Book 3 - Jake and Tizzy Go Shopping.  Jake and Tizzy are always ready to help when they go shopping with Jake's Mum. 
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Book 4 - Jake is Big and Tizzy is Little.  Grandma thinks that Jake is growing.  Jake discovers other things grow too including the little seeds that Grandma gives him to grow in her garden.
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Book 5 - Jake is Busy.  Jake has lots of fun at Nursery.  He likes to ride a tricycle, play ball with his friend, Taylor and to do some painting.  There's so much to keep Jake busy and so much to tell Mum when she picks him up.
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Book 6 - Hide and Seek.  Jakes looks everywhere but he can't find Tizzy.  Tizzy is really good at this game and so is Jake.  Jake even finds something he wasn't looking for.
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Book 7 - Jake and Tizzy Help Out.  What can Jake and Tizzy do when it's too wet to go out to play in the garden?  They can help Mum with her chores.  Will Mum be pleased with their hard work?
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Book 8 - The Birthday!  Jake is very excited.  Today he is four years old and after Nursery he is going to have a party.  Everyone will be there, he can't wait.
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Age Range: 
Early Years
Resource Target: 
Children/Young People
Communication Needs: 
Speech, language and communication

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